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We are all emotionally unstable

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"Love is infinitely more durable than hate."

(Hemingway & Gellhorn, 2003)

As students all around me kick and screamed themselves out of bed this morning, I woke up from a blissful sleep without any care in the world. I could really get used to this free Monday thing the people of UP have going on. Since last week was just an ordinary first week of school with professors not bothering to show up and a lack of requirements to accomplish, I spent most of the day holed up in bed reading and watching. I went out a bit though for some errands but as soon as I arrived another movie was waiting for me.

Funny thing though was that it was purely coincidental that I chose to watch movies involving writers. Plus the titles were eerily similar.

So yeah that basically made up my day. I hate that writers are so screwed up but they deliver so much on paper with beautiful prose and what not. 

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